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These folks make art that range from tickling my funny bones to downright jaw dropping awesome~~



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R u l e s
- I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery
- If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal (so you make the same journal and feature the first 20 comments), putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
- The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
1. :iconhoneybeegirl94: 
Stories and head canons are a variable sort and very interesting~! 
AmeTai and ChiLiech: Watching an horror movieAmeTai and ChiLiech: Watching an horror movie together
An young woman creeps her way down the empty halls of the abandoned building...
Sniffle... sob! (Sorry for the bad sound effects! XD)
The woman froze as she head the sobs. 'Hello?' She calls out in concern.
It came from the last room in the house.
She heads into the room to find an young girl sitting in the corner and curling up into an fetal position. How cliche...
'Are you okay sweetie?' The woman asks in concern. Approaching the frighten child huddling in the corner. The girl had long mangled up brown hair, she was wearing an dark blue dress and seemed to have pale skin.
'He chased me down...' She whimpers in fear.
'Who did?' The woman asks in curiosity.
'And SHE accomplices with HIM! My own sister!' Her soon develops into some sort of hatred. 'My own little sister. They believed that they were meant to be, but I was getting in the way of their 'relationship'.'
'What are you talking about?' She asks the girl in confusion.
APH Christmas gift: Our First AnniversaryAPH Christmas gift: Our First Anniversary
Taiwan x Fem Canada with America x Male Belarus, Hong Kong x Liechtenstein and China x Fem Russia:
Madeline watches Alfred take over the karaoke machine with an very uncomfortable Nikolai trying to follow along.
She felt both amused and pitiful for the poor Belarusian boy trying to catch up with her half brother singing Christmas songs. However, the party members didn't care about Alfred's horrible singing and enjoy themselves.
Maddie glances at another pair with an unwanted additional. Leon pulls the uncomfortable Erika close to him as this guy tries to flirt with her. Erika politely declines the flirt, while Leon calmly tells him to leave. Which he did leave after an protective Yao and his girlfriend, Anya, showed up.
She sworn if that it was Basch, instead of Yao, then the guy would be running for the hills. She goes into deep thought, until someone spoke to her from behind.
"Enjoying the party?" Madeline almost squeaked out in surprise, but
AmeTai: Their first baby Part 1'Alfred, I'm pregnant.'
'... WHAT?'
Ling Jones, sat on the living room couch. She was wearing an baggy white t shirt and an pair of red shorts. Her long dark brown was pulled up in an sloppy bun. Her expression seem to have an mixture of emotions, while holding an small paper in her hand.
She doesn't know weather to laugh at Alfred's reaction to the announcement or mimic his reaction.
Alfred on the other hand, just got home from baseball couching to find out that his wife is...
'What? How? When?' Alfred soon loses an grip of himself at the announcement. 'I thought that we used- I'm not sure if we did-'
'Alfred!' Ling quickly snaps him out of his trance. 'I don't think that we've used condom that night.'
'So... in other words... I'M GOING TO BE AN FATHER?' He yells in excitement as he never felt so alive in his life. They're technically twenty-six years old respectively, that's not bad, right?
'I know!' Ling says as she squeals in excitement, then soon looks pale. 'I need to use bathroo

2. :iconhitomisuko:
Just a dream by Hitomisuko He knows by Hitomisuko As his equals by Hitomisuko
You always have original concepts and stories ~


Basically a regular girl.

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