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These folks make art that range from tickling my funny bones to downright jaw dropping awesome~~



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Here would be an overall list of pairings I ship from what I love most to what I love least~

Because I don't have a fixed OTP, I have several of my most favourite pairs. 

Fantastic five ships that I love in all ways (mxm, mxf, fxf)
Spain x Austria (all forms)
China x Vietnam (all forms)
Switzerland x Belgium (all forms)
England x France (all forms)
S. Korea x Taiwan (all forms)

Seventh Heaven (also includes some preferred forms from Fantastic Five)
Portugal x Nyo!England
Germany x Nyo!Japan
Spain x Nyo!Austria
China x Vietnam/Nyo!China x Nyo!Vietnam
S. Korea x Taiwan/Nyo!S. Korea x Nyo!Taiwan
Switzerland x Belgium/Nyo!Switzerland x Nyo!Belgium
France x Nyo!England/Nyo!France x England

Ships that I like (Warning: May contain crack ships)
Hetalia x Nyotalia (all forms in general)
Hungary x Belgium (all forms)
Turkey x France (all forms)
Greece x Ukraine (all forms)
Iceland x Liechtenstein (all forms)
Russia x Canada (all forms)
Switzerland x Nyo!Finland/Nyo!Switzerland x Finland
Mongolia x Nyo!Austria
Scotland x Nyo!Norway
Austria x Switzerland (all forms)
Canada x Seychelles (all forms)
Lithuania x Belarus (all forms)
Finland x Belarus (all forms)
Luxembourg x Monaco (all forms)
Seychelles x Monaco (all forms)
Romano x Taiwan (all forms)
Italy x Taiwan (all forms)
America x Italy (all forms)
Netherlands x Portugal (all forms)
Thailand x Vietnam (all forms)

List of ships that I find neutral to those that I like a little less are here.
  Pairings to consider...I think if anyone would like to do an art trade/request with me, I should list down pairs that I don't really like (in a romantic sense that is.). Mainly Hetalia, since many many ships can be made from so many characters.
I respect the shippers but not so the pairs. ^^;
Pairs I prefer as platonic (I don't mind drawing them together, just not in a romantic light)(This applies to any forms m x m, m x f, f x f)
England x Seychelles 
France x Seychelles
Japan x Taiwan (I feel Japan sees Taiwan as a little sister)
Japan x China (Their relationship is a tad complicated and I think they are better off as platonic)
Spain x Romano
France x Canada
America x England
Russia x America
Switzerland x Liechtenstein
Hong Kong x Macau
Korea x China
Hong Kong x Korea
Hong Kong x Taiwan
But then there are some pairings I may be less inclined to draw, most of which I can handle, but it doesn't appeal to me much. (This applies to any forms m x m, m x f, f x f)
Austria x Hungary (I'm sorry, but

To be honest, I don't have a pairing that I dislike, this being that every nation at least brushed shoulders against each other once, and would very much prefer not to find enmity between them. Yes, some may have gone to war with each other, but hopefully some have improved afterwards. Just so as long as relationships between characters are portrayed healthily and balanced, I am okay with that. ^^


Basically a regular girl.

Friends IRL
:iconseraphickiss: :iconkei-niji: :icontired4ever: :iconchirpy-chi: :iconkazekamishiranui:

Close buds here:
:iconmizukiaoivv: :iconyuennishi: :iconkissman966: :iconmilkyway-galaxy: :iconritterzaki:

People whose art I admire:
:iconzeldacw: :iconkay-i: :iconpoltergeist-el: :iconyuumei: :icondinosaurusgede: :iconmelonstyle: :iconmaivalkov: :iconveneziano58: :iconmiddletails: :iconthatu: :icontamasgaspar:

Here's some things you should know about me (Oh and all stamps (C) respective owners )
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