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These folks make art that range from tickling my funny bones to downright jaw dropping awesome~~


Welp, time to see how things work out when Nyotalia ladies are mothers. Though I can't find for all the Nyotalia characters, as I don't see some of them as mothers. 

Bianca is probably the fun kind of mother. She's more of a best friend than a mother to her children. This being said, Bianca can be quite vocal when her children are threatened. She advocates playing sports (especially football), as well as learning how to fight (martial arts). Bianca also has a good intuition on what her children likes, and often surprises them with gifts that they didn't expect. Bianca doesn't mind the number of children she has, preferring at least two.
Kid: "Mama! I got selected into the football team at school!"
Bianca: "That's great, bambino~"
Kid: "I'm gonna play like Gianluigi Buffon! He's so amazing~"
Bianca: "Bambino, I also have something for you~" *gives a pair of new goalkeeper gloves*
Kid: "Ahhh! These are the same kind of gloves Gianluigi Buffon wears! Grazie, mama~~"
Bianca: "Prego. Now make me proud!"

Much like Ludwig, Monika is strict with her children, but on some occasions she can be nice, in the sense that she lets the children go out with their friends, doing what they like etc. Monika has a hard time with controlling her volume of voice when she is angry with her children, but she is adapting slowly...somehow. She values punctuality and discipline, something she drills into her children. Monika prefers having one child, which makes it easier to discipline.
Monika: "Make sure to come home at 8pm for dinner."
Kid: *reaches home at 8:02pm* "I'm home, Mutti~
Monika: "It's 8:02pm. What if you were a doctor and failed to save the patient because you are two minutes late?!"
Kid: *shocked, probably on the verge of crying if this was a younger kid*
Monika: "...*is at a loss on how to handle a crying kid, hugs said kid* Um, there now. Sorry about that. Just don't make it a habit of being late again, ja?" 

Keiko is mostly kind and patient, valuing her children's well-being a lot. She can be strict, but that is as far as her children would want her to go. Even though she almost never blows her top, she will probably tell the child nicely why what they did was wrong etc. She can get pretty worried about her children a lot. Nevertheless, she can forgive easily, but warns them not all people are as patient and forgiving as she is. Keiko prefers one or two children, as she prefers her house to not be too crowded, but enough in number to make the house a bit more lively.
Keiko: "I was called by the school teacher today. Did you make *name of Kid's classmate* cry?"
Kid: "Y-yes, oka-san. I'm sorry."
Keiko: "I understand you might have been upset that they knocked your food over, but that does not mean you should do the same. If you can forgive what they did, they will do the same for you. Is that clear?"
Kid: "Yes, oka-san."

Like Bianca, Avery is the fun-loving mother. She treats her children more like a playmate than a mother, encouraging sports as a bonding time with her children. Though she might get too inquisitive in her children's love life (especially her daughters). She gives a lot of nicknames to her children. She also values her children in being able to speak up for themselves. Avery prefers two children at least, "so that you can bother your sibling when I'm away from home, yeah?"
Nicknames for her children: sweetie, honey, hon, shortform of kid's name (eg. Katherine = Kate), names associated to things the kid loves
Avery: "So, I heard you were going out with a boy?Is he cute?"
Kid: "Muuuuuum!!!"

Victoria is not the best with handling children, but she can manage it when the need arises. She implements the importance of reading, not just for education, but for imagination. More of a teacher figure really. While she is more driven by work, she does make the occasional time out to spend with her children. She tends to give loving nicknames like "love" mostly. "Young man/lady" is also a favourite, but the way she uses it depends on her mood. Victoria is good at giving advice to her children. Usually Victoria doesn't prefer too many children, for one or two children is enough for her.
Kid: "But I don't want to go to school, Mum. They'll be picking on me again."
Victoria: "Listen here, young man. Even if you don't go to school, they will find other children like you to pick on. They likely won't change their ways, but you can. Are you going to let a few mean children spoil your days at school? There will be more people that will be more harsh to you when you grow up. If you can deal with them now, you will handle yourself well. Do you understand?"
Kid: "By dealing with them, do I beat them up?"
Victoria: "Oh, good heavens, no! You'll be no better than them. Just ignore them, they are not worth your time."

Probably one of the best mother figures in the Nyotalia verse. Francoise would spoil her children with good food and nice clothes. She would be able to be her children's best fashion critic, but also wants them to dress up appropriately too. Values important to her children would be maintaining a good impression, not only in appearance but also in behaviour. But when you do cross the line, she can be very serious. Francoise is okay regardless of the number of children, but ideally she prefers one, so she could spoil them. 
Kid: *picks out a flowery dress during a shopping trip* "Maman, what do you think of this? I like the colour and design~"
Francoise: "Hmm, a bit too flowery for a job interview, ma petit. How about this one?"*takes a dark blue collared blouse*
Kid: "Looks a bit dull...Are you sure they would like this kind of clothing?"
Francoise: "Most job interviews, while they don't grade you for what you wear, it gives an impression on your interviewers. So to play it safe, these colours are better."
Kid: "Hmm, I guess you're right. But there are other colours that can be worn in the work place, no?"
Francoise: "Oui, but just make sure it's not too flashy that they can see you better than a streetlight in the dark." 

Irina is more likely to be the caring kind of mother, dealing with children better than Ivan, at the very least. She values her children's happiness, and does not take it lightly when they cry or are upset. Often she would play with her children. Even though she looks intimidating enough for other children to fear her, she is very nice to other children as well. She always wants her children to maintain a positive front, and be nice to people. Irina prefers two children at least, as she doesn't want her children to be lonely.
*Kid goes on a play date with another kid, and end up fighting under her watch.*
Irina: *pulls them both apart* "Now, what is going on?"
Kid: "He punched me!"
Irina: *looks at other kid* "Did you?"
Other kid: "Only because he started it!"
Irina: "Now what did I tell you? Please behave yourself. Hitting each other is bad for your friendship, do you understand?"
Both kids: "Yes, mama."
Irina: "Now apologise to each other."
*Kids apologise each other and play as usual.*

Much like Yao, she can be quite stern to her children and there is little chance to object. Unlike Yao, she is more lenient in the fact that as long as they finish their appointed tasks, they are free to do whatever they want, but with limits. She does maintain her younger children on a daily schedule initially (albeit a lesser extent than Tiger Mum's) but over time, she would see if her children can plan their own schedules. Chun Yan prefers to handle one to two children, as she wants to focus her attention on them.
Chun: "Did you do the chores?"
Kid: "Yes, Ma."
Chun: "Then why do I see a stocking hanging from your chair?"
Kid: "O-Okay Ma, I'll go do it!*runs to clean up*"

The ideal sweet mother. Marguerite worries a lot about her children, even when they are around. While she loses this worrisome nature over time of having children, it goes up to high volume if her children are away or forgot to tell her where they are going. On the other hand, she is probably the best person to lend an ear if her child wants to express her troubles. Two children is her ideal number of children in which she can handle.
Kid: *received 3 missed calls from Mum* "Hello, Maman?"
Marguerite: "Where are you now? It's 7pm and you aren't home yet. Where have you been?"
Kid: "Sorry, Mam, I forgot to tell you that I am going out for dinner tonight with my friends."
Marguerite: "Thank goodness. When you're going out, please tell me next time, okay?"

Anneliese can be strict with her children, but unlike Roderich, she is a lot kinder. She does get a little disheartened if her children do not share her tastes in music, but she gradually accepts it. A little bit old fashioned thinking, but she adapts quickly over time. She can handle mostly one or two children.
Anneliese: "What do you say that I teach you how to play the violin?"
Kid: "But Mutti, I want to learn how to play drums!"
Anneliese: "But liebe, drums can only make so much music."
Kid: "Mutti, I don't like playing the violin."
*after one whole week of failed convincing on her part*
Anneliese: Alright, we'll take you to the music store to get your drum set.
Kid: "Danke, Mutti~"

Like Ukraine, Isabel smothers her children from time to time, but can also be serious, especially in practicing good behaviour. She can be quite protective of her children. (not in a "He's just a kid, he doesn't know that what he's doing is wrong." but more of a "If you land a bullet or blade on my darling I will end you.") She wants to make sure her children can become hardworking and amiable people. She has the effect on people where they would easily become comfortable in her presence, if not the smothering. Isabel likely would love around 3 to 4 children. The more the merrier. 
Isabel: "Time for dinner, niño~~"
Kid: "Si~~" *pounces to the dinner chair, about to start eating*
Isabel: "Ah ah ahh~ have you said your prayers?"
Kid: " Mama." 
*after saying prayers*
Isabel: "Now you may eat~"

Whooh, this was hard, thinking of 11 scenarios, one for each mother, but I hope I would be able to find more. What do you guys have in mind for Nyotalia ladies being mothers? Do share with us~~ More to come soon~


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